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HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip

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    Sold "as-is", not eligible for manufacturer's warranty.
    Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip
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    Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 T High Side Zip


Multi-Purpose Shoes with Innovative Functionality The Black Eagle® Athletic 11 High Side Zip... more
Product information "HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip"
Product type Factory firsts, Clearance
Gender Male
Waterproof No
Upper material Microfiber/textile
Inner liner Textile
Sole BLACK EAGLE® 01 Sole
Fastener Zipper, 2 zone lacing
Safety toe No safety toe
Leg height in inches 8.3 inches
Color Black

Multi-Purpose Shoes with Innovative Functionality

The Black Eagle® Athletic 11 High Side Zip is the only boot you will ever need for any active running or on-duty activities. The footwear was designed to be worn on and off duty which makes it ideal to wear anywhere. The best part? These boots are airport friendly since they are metal free too. The shoes can be worn by both men and women. Comfort and durability are among the things you’ll love about this shoe but there’s bound to be more once you learn what its features are.

Built in Heel Cushions with Anti Slip Soles

The built in cushioning in the heel area of this boot protect you from any shock thanks to its high shock absorbing qualities. The strong spring-back material of the sole allows you to get the most out of the energy you expend by giving you an additional push for your next stride. The pronation and supination support keeps your feet at an ideal position so that weight is kept evenly distributed which helps to relieve and prevent foot pain and injury.
The anti-slip grip soles are specially made with superior rubber and a unique tread design which helps hold the grip on many surfaces. So it doesn’t matter which direction you turn, you are protected by the Black Eagle® Athletic 11 High Side Zip’s multi-directional anti-slip grip. The shoe’s soles are also resistant to oil and gasoline and promises not to mark up your floors.

2-Zone Lacing and Zipper Combination

The Black Eagle® Athletic 11 High Side Zip features the patented Two Zone lacing system which allows you to easily adjust the upper and lower parts of your boot’s laces so that it fits you personally. Once you have adjusted the laces you can simply pull up the side zip and you’re ready to go. These side zipper boots give you the benefit of quick in and out convenience every time.

Ankle Protection

The built in stone shield in these side zipper boots ensures that your feet are protected from rocks and stones that might be encountered on uncertain terrain. The added ankle protection of the side pads means you won’t have to worry about your ankles taking the shocks and blows that can be sustained when performing active duty work.

HAIX® Climate System and Moisture Wicking Insoles

The Black Eagle® Athletic 11 High Side Zip features a super light microfiber design which is extremely breathable when paired with the built in HAIX Climate System, your feet will stay comfortable indoors and out, even in hotter temperatures. And if you’re worried about sweaty feet, the moisture wicking insole of this pair takes care of it for you. It absorbs the moisture from your feet so they are dry even under arduous conditions.

  • Also available as low
  • HAIX® Climate System for temperature balance
  • Stone shield prevents uneven surfaces from pressing through to the foot
  • Cushiony, moisture-wicking, anti-bacterial insole with “AIRFLOW” channels
  • Pronation support to prevent arch collapsing inward
  • Supination support with spring back energy return
  • Asymmetrical TPU for stabilizing the heel
  • Cushioning in the heel area for shock absorption
  • 2-Zone Lacing - Ankle lace lock allows independent lace adjustment between the upper and lower boot.
  • Ankle side pads for additional ankle protection from shocks and blows.
  • metal free
  • Durable anti-slip sole resistant to oil and gasoline, non-marking
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Our comment on "HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip"
IMPORTANT NOTE: This style has been discontinued and is sold "as is" with no manufacturer warranty under any circumstances.
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Customer reviews for "HAIX Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip"
13 Apr 2018


As a female, an army veteran, and a Golden CO resident who enjoys hiking, I have to say these boots are the best. About 2 years ago I broke my L ankle. My R ankle was injured numerous times when I was in the Army. All that to say my ankles need a little extra care. After the fracture in 2016 I looked and looked for hiking boots that were high enough to truly give my ankles the kind of support they needed. I searched and searched and then stumbled upon these boots. They are extremely light weight, feel like a running shoe on the bottom, but give you the support of a boot. I love them.

29 Dec 2017

Great boots

These are super light and comfortable. Easy to get on and off. I'm good for at least 10 miles/day walking in these. The shortcomings (which don't override them being generally very good), for me, are:

- Not waterproof. I treat mine with silicone spray occasionally to give them some water-resistance, but they're no good for puddle-jumping. This is partly a tradeoff for being easy on/off, because of the full-length side zip. A layer of Gore-tex and a gusseted side zip might fix it.
- Not especially comfortable for standing. Admittedly, I'm not sure if there's anything else that would be better for just standing.
- Lace holes are really small, necessitating hard-to-find laces that wear out faster.

My impression is that these run half a size or a full size large. I got these in the same size as my running shoes, and while they're comfortable, there's way more room in them than I need.

Admin 2 Jan 2018

Hi Adam,

Thank you for submitting a review for the Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip. We are happy that these boots have been light and comfortable so far even when walking several miles a day. As far as the shortcomings that you mentioned, these boots are not waterproof but we do offer a similar tactical model that is waterproof which you may want to consider in the future. We are always striving to come out with the best and most up-to-date products, and I will definitely pass along your comments to upper management for consideration. As for the fit, those boots do generally run true to size (same as an athletic shoe) but everyone's foot is different so sometimes people do have to go up or down. Again, we appreciate your comments and concerns and hope you will continue to be a loyal HAIX customer in the future.

31 May 2017

Amazing Boot

I did a lot of research when I ordered these boots and it was well worth it. The boots arrived on time, and the first thing I noticed was they were so light. I wore them for a couple of days and the velcro that goes over the zipper came apart. I contacted the company and let them know what took place, they instructed me on what I had to do so they could take care of the defective product I received. I was informed that I could keep the boots I currently had and they were shipping out a new pair. The new pair arrived in about 3 days and I have had no problems with either boot. They are the most comfortable and lightweight boot I have ever had. Thank you for being a great company.

Admin 31 May 2017

Hi Clark,

We appreciate your review of the Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip.  We are happy to hear that you found them to be lightweight and comfortable.  We apologize that you had problems with the zipper after only a couple days, but I am glad that our Customer Service Dept. was able to help you with the issue.  We hope these boots continue to serve you well in the future!

5 Apr 2017

Best ever have had

Over my 30 yrs in public safety. They are the best pair boot I have ever owned.

Admin 6 Apr 2017

Hi Alan,

We appreciate your feedback on the Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip.  We are so happy to hear that these boots are serving you well in your public safety profession and that you think they are the best boots you have ever owned.  We hope you'll continue to be a loyal HAIX customer in the future.

31 Mar 2017

Greatest boots my feet ever loved!

I just came out of some special operator boots into my Haix. The Haix outperform my other boots in comfort and in performence. My Haix had no break in time, comfortable right out of the box.

I am on my feet up to sixteen hours a day. With my other boots by the end of the day my feet were killing me; not so with my Haix, my feet want to keep on going.

Thank you Haix for a superb product!


Admin 3 Apr 2017

Hi Kenny,

We really appreciate you sharing your experience with the Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip.  We are happy to hear that you found the boots comfortable out of the box and during and after standing for long periods of time on the job.  We pride ourselves on producing high-quality boots and we are glad you have not been disappointed.  We hope they continue to serve you well in the future.

20 Mar 2017

Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip

I ordered a size 12. Love the boot!!! but it feels like a wide on my foot. Is it just how it's made?

Admin 20 Mar 2017

Hi Phil,

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with the Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip.  We are happy to hear that you love the boots.  They generally run true to size and we recommend that customers order the same size they would wear in an athletic shoe like Adidas.  These boots do not come in widths, and most of the time people ask because they need a wide. You may just have a narrow foot but I believe a thicker insole would do the trick.  Again, thank you for your feedback.  We hope you continue to be a loyal HAIX customer. 

15 Mar 2017

Great Boot

Great boot very comfortable love the side zipper. Have had three back surgries and the side zipper makes it so much easier to get my boots on and off. I am a customer for life will purchase more when needed as well as recommend to friends and family.

Admin 15 Mar 2017

Hi Kay,

Thank you so much for taking the time to review the Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip.  We are happy to hear that you have found the boots to be comfortable and that they are easy to don and doff.  We appreciate your recommendations and your loyalty to HAIX.

8 Feb 2017

Very comfortable

Love it

Admin 8 Feb 2017

Hi Mark,

Thanks for submitting a review on the Black Eagle Athletic High Side Zip.  We are happy to hear that you love the boots and find them to be comfortable on the job.  We appreciate your service.

7 Jan 2017

Haix black eagle side zip

I love these boots, very comfortable, lacing system keeps boots snug, side zipper makes it easier and convenient to put on and take of boots. One issue I do have is the tongue portion tends not to stay within the top portion of the boot and can cause the bottom of the pant get caught, causing occasional adjustment by hand. But, this will not deter me from buying another pair. This is my first boot from Haix, and it will not be the last. Will be buying another pair pretty soon.

Admin 9 Jan 2017

Thank you for your feedback on the Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip.  We are happy to hear that you find the lacing system to be easy and convenient.  We have gotten other concerns about the tongue getting stuck on pant legs and we appreciate you bringing it to our attention again.  We are constantly working to improve our boots and will definitely pass your comment along.  Thanks again for being a loyal customer.  

4 Jan 2017

Very Comfortable

I have had these boots for a month or so now and have to say they are extremely comfortable. I have been a police officer for 21 years and have worn many different boots. I love the convenience of the zipper. I wish I had ordered a half size smaller. I believe they run a little large. The only other negative is the way the tongue attaches, it does not stay in place. My pant leg continuously gets caught on top of the tongue. It's not quite wide enough to stay in place. Other than that, this boot is very well made and very comfortable. I would recommend these to anyone who spends a lot of time on their feet.

Admin 5 Jan 2017

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us in regards to the Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip.  It's good to hear that you like the zipper and the comfort of this boot.  As far as the tongue not staying in place, we are constantly looking for new ways to improve our products. I will definitely pass along your concerns for future upgrades to this model.  Thanks again for your feedback.  Stay safe out there.

14 Dec 2016

Great boots!

Very comfortable. I work 12 hour shifts and they are comfortable and durable. I recently tore my Achilles and it is great to have he extra ankle support.

Admin 19 Dec 2016

Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with the Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip.  We are happy to hear that they have served you well during your long hours on the job and that they are providing you the extra ankle support you need following your recent injury.  We hope they will continue to serve you well in the future.  Thanks again!

25 Nov 2016

Amazingly Comfortable!

After 12 years as a police officer I have never bought the same boots twice. I purchased a pair of Haix sneakers for the summer and they were alright. Having constant lower back pain I always tried to find the best work shoes. After 12 years of trial and error and buying the cheapest to the most expensive no boots were comfortable or lasted. I purchased a pair of thrse Black Eagle Athletic High. I can not begin to explain how great they are. Beside relieving my back pain they are very breathable, I usually have very sweaty feet buy not with these. They are more comfortable than the sneakers I have. No break in required. Best way to describe them is like walking on air, but they are very supportive to. Finally found a pair of boots I will buy for life! Going to buy a waterproof pair for personal wear and hiking.
Thank You Haix!

Admin 28 Nov 2016

Hi Jon,

We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us.  We are happy to hear that the Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip have served you well on the job and that you plan to buy another pair for recreational use.  Thanks for being such a loyal customer!

30 Sep 2016


My father was suffering from foot, knee, and hip pain and had a great deal of trouble walking or standing. I gave him a pair of these boots for his anniversary and they have changed his life. He no longer complains of pain, and is willing to go shopping with mom again. She now has trouble keeping up with him. He purchased a second pair so he could have one for work and a pair for "going out". Dad will be 81 in December and I wish I had known about these boots earlier. He says he really loves the zipper.

Thank you.

Admin 30 Sep 2016


Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.  We are so happy to hear that your Father loves our boots and that it has helped alleviate his foot, knee and hip pain.  I hope he continues to get out and enjoy life.

Again, we appreciate your review.

27 Sep 2016


The Black Eagle line from HAIX is the most comfortable, robust and agile boot you could put on your feet. It provides the best support and cushioning everywhere needed. My feet feel relaxed even after long hours of standing and walking on hard floors. When other people start complaining about soar feet or lower backs, I have the feeling I can keep going on these shoes for a long time. Absolutely recommendable! A must have!

21 Sep 2016

Most comfortable boots i've had.

These are definitely the most comfortable and convenient boots i've ever had. Unfortunately the aftermarket dealer i bought these from gave me a wrong impression saying they would have a gore-tex lining... I think he said something like "all Haix shoes have waterproof guarantee" or something. I found out the hard way that they weren't waterproof after getting my socks wet on the first little pond. I couldn't return them anymore so i've kept using them for a few months. Apart from them not being waterproof they're pretty awesome. Very light boots, i wouldn't say "airport friendly" though.. Pretty sure the zipper is made of metal cough cough.

- Corporal Mäensivu
Finnish Defence Forces

Admin 21 Sep 2016

Corporal Mäensivu,

Thank you so much for the review.  Sorry you got some misinformation about the boot being waterproof.  Our Black Eagle Athletic 10's do have the GORE-TEX to make them waterproof, unfortunately yours do not. 

But I can assure you the boots are metal free and would be considered airport-friendly. 

Be safe out there!

30 Aug 2016

Little things that make a huge difference

A bit more feedback concerning the boots and the attention to detail by the design team, the lacing system. Little things that make a huge difference, the ability to quickly tighten the laces and tuck the excess into the underside of the tongue. This is beneficial from both a tactical and uniform appearance perspective. Yet another component well thought out that places Haix above its competitors in my opinion.

NJ Law Enforcement
Lieutenant Charles Terefenko - Commander Special Operations

Admin 30 Aug 2016

Hi Lieutenant Terefenko,

Thank you for taking the time to share your Haix experience with us.  We appreciate your feedback and value your opinion.  Stay safe out there!

29 Jun 2016

Outstanding Boot!

I tried the Black Eagle Athletic 11 High Side Zip about a year ago and have been very satisfied with them to the extent that I bought my second pair recently. I wear them for 10-14 hours daily, seven days a week. Unlike most other boots I have tried, the HAIX do not fatigue and split on the outside of the boot next to the Cuneiform Bone which attaches to the Big Toe. They are very comfortable in all day wear and clean up easily when dust, mud, etc. get stuck on them.

My only piece of negative feedback is the manner in which the tongue attaches to the vamp and upper collar. It seems like the tongue is not quite wide enough to stay in place under the upper collar, and I have to reposition it to make it feel comfortable.

All in all a great athletic boot with non slip soles and very durable and breathable.

Admin 29 Jun 2016

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback Robert, we appreciate it.

18 Jan 2016

not holding up

i have had my boots for about 5-6 months now and the outside has held up great but the heel has torn out on the inside and the foam is gone. i really had high hopes for these boots but not so sure any more

Admin 19 Jan 2016

Matt, we're sorry to hear that you are having an issue with your boots.  This sounds like something that would be covered under warranty.  Please contact our customer service at service-hna@haix.com or 866-344-4249 as they would be more than happy to help you.

17 Aug 2015

Awesome boot but need wide!!!

Love these boots. great for easy on and off at the fire house and really comfy. need a wide size though. please haix make these in wide. will definitly order another pair if that happens.

28 May 2015


This was the first time I have ordered footwear online. I was skeptical about the fit, comfort, and durability without being able to see the product "in the flesh".

These boots have been excellent. The stitching is well done, and seams look solid. These have been the most comfortable "sport boot" I've owned (and I've tried a few). I can't speak for the longevity just yet, since they are fairly new but I have very high expectations.

These boots provide a stable, comfortable platform while adding the luxury of lightweight, breathable materials and the convenience of a side-zipper.

21 May 2015

Great boot

This is my third pair of Haix, I found them to be the most comfortable boot and the lightest. I am trying the Black Eagle Athletic for the first time. I am sure they will be as good. However, I do miss the P--7, a great duty boot for Police work. Will check on a hunting boot next.

5 May 2015

In a word, Awesome

I purchased a pair a few weeks ago and wanted to put them through the paces before I did a review. fit is perfect and the side zip is low enough for really easy on and off. Comfort level is a solid 10, even after all day on your feet and my job averages 10+ miles per day and after 12 hours feet feel great. Construction is excellent, heavy nylon and have better anti slip traction then most of the duty boots I have worn. I heavily recommend them.

13 Mar 2015

Absolutely fantastic!

I've worn Rocky Alphas (so,so), Danner Acadia's (nice), Rocky Hi-Vent Mobility (horrible) and now these. Right out of the box they fit like a glove, almost like a tennis shoe. Comfortable, form fitting and quiet. They won't need much breaking in at all and will be great for Summer police work. Yeah, they are a little on the pricey side for boots, but are well worth it. Once you try them on, you won't regret it. They are true to size which means if you wear size 11 in most tennis shoes / boots, size 11 will be the correct size. Only downfall is I wear an ankle holster for my backup and it's a lot bulkier than my Danner's but that's not a huge issue. Trust me, you want these. Shipping was super quick too. Bought them on Monday, they arrived Thursday early afternoon.

Admin 13 Mar 2015

Thanks for taking the time to share your Haix experience with us Jordan, we appreciate the feedback.  We are very happy to hear that your boots are working out so well for you.  Stay safe!

18 Feb 2015

Ordering issues

I am in Canada and trying to purchase a pair of your boots. I am having great difficulty in obtaining them through the only designated representative in BC. Are you able to provide any other alternative distributors in Canada?


16 Sep 2014


I want to buy these boots but they are always on backorder in my size 11.5. When are you going to get more?

Admin 17 Sep 2014

Our next shipment should be in mid October.  If you go to the product page and select your size, a box will appear and you can submit your email address to be notified when they are back in stock.  I hope this helps.

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