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Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip


 What size should I order?

For a highly active career like law enforcement, firefighting, or security, it is imperative to have a high quality, hard-wearing pair of tactical side zip boots. The HAIX® Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip offers that and more. If your footwear is not up for the task at hand, it reflects on your ability to do your job. These “triple threat” side zip tactical boots offer lightweight durability, comfort no matter the temperatures, and protection against the elements. Slip-resistant and Cold Insulating Soles Since a good pair of law enforcement duty boots can have a big effect on how you feel throughout the day, the HAIX® Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip has your back. From the lightweight yet durable construction of the sole to the breathability of the upper, no detail is overlooked. The HAIX® Black Eagle® sole uses a special rubber which keeps it flexible and extremely slip-resistant, a fact not to be overlooked when in active foot pursuit. The soles of these oil resistant boots are resilient against gasoline and promises not to mark up your floors. The soles are not only heat resistant, but also cold insulating. This helps to prevent the cold from cold surfaces from seeping up through the sole. The tread is also self-cleaning; releasing dried and caked on dirt and mud by using the stepping motion of your foot. Built-In Stabilization and Convenient Side-Zipper With the built-in stabilization zone of the foot-bed, your foot stays ideally positioned to keep weight distributed evenly throughout the foot. So important with regard to your foot health and to prevent foot and leg fatigue. The removable and washable insole also provides ample support and a cushiony feel for a comfortable fit day in and day out. The lace zip system provides ample ankle and foot support and prevents your feet from sliding around in the boot while conducting operations, and the handy side zip feature prevents fumbling with the laces if suddenly called to duty and needing to get your HAIX tactical boots on quickly. Extremely Breathable Comfortable Leather/Textile Design The HAIX® Black Eagle® Tactical 2.0 High Side Zip upper is a combination of European leathers and textile to make this boot feel lightweight and exceptionally breathable; your feet will stay comfortable indoors and out, in warm or cold temperatures. The GORE-TEX® inner liner ensures your feet stay dry and irritation free even on miserably rainy days. Extended One-Year Warranty The optional add-on Black Eagle extended limited warranty makes choosing Black Eagle law enforcement duty boots almost a no brainer. You never know what your next challenge will be and you want to be prepared to face whatever comes your way, you can count on these HAIX® side zipper boots to carry you through. Made in Europe Waterproof boots with breathable leather/textile design Sun Reflect leather keeps the leather, and the feet, cooler GORE-TEX® Extended inner liner for indoor and outdoor use Side zipper for easy on and off Pull on loop at the rear Oil resistant shoes with durable anti-slip sole  Heat resistant and cold insulating sole Tread is non-marking, self-cleaning; naturally releasing dried and caked on mud and dirt as you walk Excellent grip on uneven terrain, even on wet or cold surfaces Midsole and heel offer optimal pressure distribution, stabilization, and shock absorption Cushioned, moisture wicking, insole is washable and replaceable Padded tongue for additional cushioned comfort Antistatic Athletic Boots Optional Black Eagle® extended warranty: Opt to extend the HAIX® one year limited warranty for one additional year by  filling out this online form Learn more about HAIX® footwear technology.

Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip

Unisex model


Protect your community. Don't miss a step with Black Eagle Tactical 2.0.



 What size should I order?

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Engineered for service

You keep our communities safe. Your Black Eagle Side Zip Tactical Boots are your trusted partner on every call.

Keep your footing with HAIX® Anti-slip Sole

In the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip, no matter the situation, you can rest assured you will stay on your feet. The distinctive tread design combined with the special rubber compound that goes into the Black Eagle® sole will maintain its traction on a wide variety of surfaces and in many types of weather, even when it's wet and cold. The high-density midsole won't have you feeling every rock and stone either.

Supportive cushioning with HAIX® Absorption

The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip will keep your feet comfortable and supported when on the move all day. The built-in cushioning in the sole acts as shock absorption, effectively cushioning each step, while the energy return in the sole gives you extra spring in your step and helps reduce foot and leg fatigue.

Keep yourself dry and comfortable thanks to GORE-TEX®

No matter the weather, you need to do your job. The GORE-TEX® inner lining on our Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip will guarantee your feet will stay dry and comfortable no matter how long you are out in the elements. Dry feet, no distraction, full focus on the job.

Ready to go with the HAIX® Side Zipper

Enjoy the quick convenience of the side zipper on the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip. Get a more personalized fit by adjusting the lacing, fix it and then forget it. Enjoy that fit all day, every day. Slip on, zip up, and go.

Comfort to endure the longest hours

You spend long hours on your feet. We make sure it doesn't feel like it.

So lightweight, you hardly feel it

Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip could be the lightest 8" boots you will ever own. Their lighter weight may make you forget you are even wearing boots. It reduces foot and leg fatigue when you are on the move all day.

All day comfort and athletic feel

The running shoe technology built into the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip is lightweight and flexible. Cushioned insoles give you the extra comfort your feet crave. Enjoy an athletic shoe feel with the function of a duty boot.

Breathable comfort with HAIX® Climate System

The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip ensures your feet stay dry and comfortable by utilizing special foams that absorb moisture from your feet between the inner lining and the leather. With each step, moist air expels, and fresh air enters through the vent holes at the top of the boot. This Climate System functions like an air conditioning system for your feet.

Comfort fit with HAIX® cushioned insole

HAIX insoles keep your feet and your shoes fresher and more comfortable on the job. Our insoles absorb perspiration to keep your feet dry even in the most rigorous conditions. Added cushioning provides extra comfort. The microfiber design is lightweight, breathable, and machine washable. Replace occasionally to keep your shoes fresh and comfortable.

Your shoe from every angle

Hard facts inside and out

HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip

Item no. 340021

Sun Reflect Leather
Climate system
Washable & Exchangeable Insole
Built In shock absorption
Anti slip sole
Side Zipper
Upper material:
Smooth leather
Boot height in inches:
8 inches
Inner liner:
Lace & Side Zipper, Side Zipper
Product type:
Factory firsts
Primary use:
Law enforcement
TPU R3000

Your questions. Our honest answers.

The Black Eagle® Tactical line of boots are either of all leather or mostly leather with some textile. All leather is sourced from Europe and is thicker and more durable than most leathers you see in boots today. The Tactical line also has a waterproof inner liner. Either GORETEX® or CROSSTECH®. The Black Eagle® Athletic line has uppers constructed entirely of microfiber textile and has no waterproof inner liner.
Yes the side zipper of the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip allows the individual user to adjust the fit to their own personal needs, offering more ankle support as needed, or possibly offering a looser fit across the forefoot for wider feet. Boots should be adjusted to your preference when they are received, then just zip in or out from then on. A second adjustment to the lacing may be needed after the boots have gone through their initial break in period.
The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip runs similar in size to your athletic shoe size, but because of it's streamlined design, they do run on the narrow side. Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip comes in medium and wide.
Yes you can buy replacement parts for the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip such as insoles and laces. You can find these items on our website on the accessories page. If you are looking to retread or refurbish your Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip boots, check out the HAIX Extended Wear program.
The Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip is eligible for the Black Eagle® 2 year warranty for durability. Purchasers can opt to add on one additional year to the HAIX® 1 year warranty by signing up. Certain exclusions apply, see webpage for details.

They’re sleek, they polish well, and they’re SUPER comfortable.

I’ve tried 5.11, Bates, and Propper and I’ve had issues with each of these brands. When I wore Haix for the first time, I didn’t experience any discomfort. They’re sleek, they polish well, and they’re SUPER comfortable. I’m really happy with this purchase.Plus, you get all types of weather here in Jersey. My boots are top notch for the harsh stuff the weather can throw at you. I stay warm and dry. Not to mention these are like wearing gym sneakers.

Mark T. Officer - Bergen County, NJ


Best boots I've ever owned. Amazing warranty!

I received these boots as part of a discount promotion for a review. I've been waiting to write this review for over six months. Initially, the company was quite insistent that I provide my review promptly, but they respected my decision when I didn't respond.

When I finally inspected the boots for this review, I discovered a defect. After contacting Haix and providing evidence of the issue, they promptly sent me a new pair without any hassle. Their warranty process was smooth, and it's clear they stand behind their products.

I typically wear an 11.5 wide, and I can confidently say that these are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. In comparison to Canadian military-issue boots and Swats, I've always worn out the heels strangely and needed insoles to wear them all day. However, with these boots, the heel is still in great condition. They are the first boots I've owned that don't require an insole, and I can wear them for 8-10 hours a day without experiencing any foot fatigue.

The GTX works amazingly well. The only time my boots got wet was when I was cleaning off a lot of dirt by spraying them with a hose. They rarely need polishing, and the leather breaks in quickly. What surprises me the most is the durability of the soles. Despite being a big guy and typically wearing out soles quickly, these boots provide excellent traction, almost like suction cups on wet concrete. Winter or summer, they perform great. With big socks, these boots hold up well in winter.

My only wish is that Haix offered more styles of footwear so I could have a pair for everyday wear.

Kurtis K.


Best boots of all time

This is my 2nd pair of these boots. The 1st pair lasted 3 yrs and still work. I just got a new pair. I literally wear them every day, 8 hr shifts and 16 hr shifts. They’re the most comfortable pair of duty boots I’ve ever owned. I’ve tried all of the usual suspects; bates, rocky, danner and Solomon. These by far beat those hands down! Never stop making them!!!!



Best Tactical Boots I Ever Owned

I had a pair of Danner Tactical Lookout before and can say without a fraction of a doubt the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 in comparison are awesome. I usually wear a 10.5 in my running shoes and got the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 in 10.5 wide and the fit is perfect. If you like to tire kick like I do, one draw back when wearing these boots is you will have to use the ball of your foot, because otherwise the toe will get scuffed.



Best boots I've ever worn

I've spent a lot of time looking for good boots. Every pair I've had either hurt my feet or fell apart within months. I did a Google search to see what boots other people recommended, and I found this brand. They were on sale and had a free return policy, so I bought some. These are the most comfortable boots I have ever worn, and so far, also the most durable. My feet have been staying warm in the cold and cool in the heat. They have amazing arch support, and that helps my back too. If these boots last years like other people said they do, I will definitely only wear this brand of boots for the rest of my life.



Awesome boots

Great experience with the brand quality and service, I currently own 3 different pairs that I switch out with and as k9 handler having that ankle support is critical. I can honestly say so far the best quality boot for the price



Comfortable with Accurate Fit!

I already owned a pair of Haix boots so I bought this pair with the Gore-Tex. They are awesome! They are true to fit (I wear a women's 10 and ordered a men's 8.5 in this boot). I would not recommend for those with wide feet, but they work out well for those of us with narrow feet!

Haley M.


Great Boot

I bought these last year when Haix was having a sale on them. I previously was not in favor of Haix due to finding my old my very uncomfortable. These were a different style and decided to give them a try. I couldn’t be happier with these. Very lite, great in the warmer months. I purchased the wider version in case I wanted to wear thicker socks in the colder months. My only complaint is sometimes when sitting for longer periods of time the heel of the boot causes pressure, but I simply unzip the boot and I’m good. I would definitely recommend these!



So far So good

I've worn these boots for week. First impressions. 1. They are really light weight. 2. Easy to get off without unzipping. 3. I've work four 12 hour shifts this week and my feet didn't hurt. 4.The boot looks good in uniform.



Best Boots

These are the best duty boots I have had. Very comfortable, durable, and polish well. These work well in the winter and summer and are my new go-to boots.



Black Eagle 2.0 side zip

I’ve worn Danners, Rockys and Lowas. My Haix are by far the most comfortable and affordable. My last pair are over 3 years old and still comfy.

Todd H.


Comfortable in water

Just spent the day on a SAR mission walking through swamp and ankle deep water most of the day. Very comfortable and stayed almost dry. Dried out by the end of the day.



Finally a boot that doesn't hurt!

I recently bought these boots and rave about them all the time! I was struggling with the boots that my employer provides, and after being in tears during a shift because of the pain I was in, I decided it was worth putting my own money into proper foot wear. The saying "no hoof, no horse" is true here! My brother is also a paramedic and raved about this boots, so I tried them. They were comfortable right from the moment I put my feet in them!! There really wasn't much of a break in period, I literally squatted hard twice in them and they were good to go. I can wear them for a 16hr shift and my feet still feel good. The side zip makes for quick on/offs and the pulltag at the heel makes getting the boot on super easy.
I have only had these boots for a month but am completely satisfied with how they function, look and feel.



Great boot

Ordered this pair of boots for one of our fire crew and they absolutely love it. The new design for the laces vs the other style is much easier to manage. The added option of being side zip is a bonus. These boots look and act the part. The tread on the boot provides ample traction on most any surface with minimal slip on wet and slick surfaces. Be advised though there is a small "break in" time with this boot but absolutely not bad at all. These boots are well worth the investment made to purchase.

Columbus F.


Incredible boot!

Had these for a month now. The comfort level is off the charts, great fit and control with the side zips. Look forward to the winter months!

Svend N.


Black Eagle tactical 2.0 GTX high side zip

Awesome, Excellent, Amazing are just a few words to describe this shoe

Carlyle M.


Best boots ever, period.

I've been in Law Enforcement for 36 years and these are the best damn boots I've ever worn. I've tried many other brand named boots and none have compared to durability, comfort and wear. Hands down, these Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip are the best! #HaixUSA

Aaron M.


Light & Durable

Fantastic book thus far. I have worked in fire rescue, and currently work in county corrections. As a response team member, I need a boot that fits multiple roles. It has to be durable, light weight, waterproof, pathogen resistant, and easy to run in. I've had several different brands of boots, all with some of these features. This is the first boot that seems to meet all of these needs, in one package. I've only had them for about 2 months, but I have had only 1 issue so far. My only complaint is that they pinch at the toes. However, this has decreased significantly, after a bit of wear.

B G.


Good Arch Support

They're pretty good, new boots don't squeak like some other do. These provide goo arch support and didn't take too long to break them in, took my dog on walk and after that they were good to go for me.

cody k.


Best boots for walking the beat

I love these boots. I bought the HAIX Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip last year when they were on sale, on the advice from a fellow officer. I have orthotics which I put in, and they fit perfectly. This is easily the most comfortable footwear that is designed for a day on foot. They took no time to break in. The lacing system is great: you can get the exact fit and lock it in, then simply use the side zipper which makes gearing up for the day extremely easy and quick. I live in the PNW where waterproof footwear is essential, and I've put these to the test. Dry feet every day, all day. There's enough room in mine to still put a little toe warmer in for cold winter days too! I'm on foot patrol through the entire year and the only part of this boot that reflects that is the outsole being worn down. The rest of the boot and the ankle support is still in excellent shape. I bought a second pair so I have a rotation now, and I plan on sending my first pair in for outsole replacement. I love that this is an option, and an affordable one at that. I don't even shop around anymore, as these boots check off every criteria for me.



Excellent duty boot

These boots are extremely comfortable, well designed and look good. I was looking for a duty boot for work that would withstand all four seasons as we get here in Vancouver. This boot is exactly what i needed and i have been wearing it for a month now and i cant say anything negative. The boot looks great, its well designed and most importantly very comfortable after wearing for 12 hours. The boots even survived the nasty streets of the Vancouver Downtown Eastside after encountering human waste, needles and garbage, rinsed off with water which repelled easily.

Victor T.


Absolutely amazing

I absolutely love these boots. This is my second pair and the only reason I got a second pair is because my first were lost during moving. I cannot say enough good things about these boots. Comfortable, side zip, easy to switch the insoles to customs if needed. Keep this up Haix. You're doing great things.



Great boots

This is my second pair of Haix boots. Lightweight, yet durable and supportive. I’ve worn these boots on duty and hiking. I only wish they had the locking lacing system like the discontinued GSG9. Otherwise I truly have no complaints, its like wearing a sneaker.



Great boot

This is my second pair if Haix boots. My first boots were GSG’s which are now discontinued.
Things I like: lightweight, comfortable yet durable boot.
Things that could improve: despite having the velcro strap that holds the side zipper, the zipper sometimes becomes loose and slides down by itself.
My old pair of Haix had a lacing system that would lock the lace in around the foot, and I wish this pair had that as well- but that is a minor detail.
Ive worn this boot on duty, while hiking, walking my dig etc. it is an excellent, comfortable boot that is light yet stable. I dont think I could go back to any other boot and am currently looking at purchasing my 3rd pair. I’ve docked 1 star due to the zipper loosening up over time and sliding down just a bit (to be clear the zipper NEVER came down all the way and only slides down maybe half inch or so).
Im a big fan of this company and their boots!

B. S.


Most Comfortable

This is the fourth pair of Haix I have owned for LE use and I have to say they are more comfortable than any other boot I have ever worn. They tend to last much longer than others as well. My only complaints would be that the leather seems much stiffer in the toe box this time around (compared to my two previous black eagle boots) decreasing my comfort score from 10 to 9 and the side zipper can be a pain to get down at the end of the day. These won't change my decision to buy again in the future, only my complete satisfaction this time around. Still highly recommend Haix!

Asher H.


New favorite

I have now found my go to boot. Usually not a fan of an 8” boot while working in law enforcement. This boot and it’s quality has me hooked. I was informed by a friend of how great the boot is. Was not a fan at first. It has grown on me after breaking them in. Great all day comfort and is just an all around top preforming boot. I now grab these over my Danner fullbore (personal favorite). I have been through many top brands and their top performing style to find a perfect match with Haix. I will be looking at trying their AR 670-1 compliant boot for my military service wear. The boots are true to size. I wear an 11 wide in running shoes and purchased an 11 wide in these boots. I work in very hot/humid weather and have not issues with the boot being hot. Other gortex usually have my feet burning during the summer, but I do not have that issue as bad with these. Water proofing is what you would expect. Light weight and easy to run in. Some of the best ankle support I have ever had in a boot. Easy on and off with the side zip while maintaining a secure tie down (meaning I do not have to undo the laces). I purchased the Haix polish and the boots still look like new. I have been wearing these for 6 months. Over the has 3 months, I only grabbed for these and not any of the other boots I rotate around for work. Overall, I have nothing negative to say and you will not be disappointed purchasing these boots.



One of the best I’ve found

Let me qualify by saying I have 24 years in and have had many pairs of boots by many different manufacturers. I have had these boots for more than a month now and have worn them in various conditions already. Firstly, they are, by far, the best boots I’ve ever owned for ice/snow. These things grip better than a set of winter tires! That said, we will see how long the sole last. They are not warm boots mind you, and the suggestion to wear a warmer sock is a little off base. The sizes are a very narrow fitter and, even with the wide fit, there is not enough room. The quality of the boots are fantastic. I have an issue with one of the zippers as it’s a little stiff. It is a minor annoyance, but not a negative. They do have great support in the ankle and throughout the insole. As I said in the title, one of the best boots I have found this far.

Rod E.


Great all around boots

Amazing boots, great quality, does everything I wanted it to do and more.. only negative.. not cold resist.. so working in freezer or low Temps you can feel the cold very easily on the tips of your feet... will buy again

Cordell Z R.


Comfortable boots

These boots were recommended to me, glad I decided to try them out



First time purchaser

This is my first pair of Haix boots and I can say that I am impressed. I was very nervous about how it would fit me. They feel great and fit just right. I will definitely purchase from them in the future!

Shaun W.


Great shoe for Police work

This shoe is absolutely top of the line, great comfort and my wife foot fits very good! You will be ready for the snow or the heat in those shoes. Highly recommended for police and military as they are extremely durable and long lasting. One pair lasted me 5 years!

Paul S.


Best boot on the market

I have been using these boots now for over 10 years of my 28 year career. This includes my time as a K9 officer. These are simply the best boots for law enforcement hands down. They are lightweight, comfortable, water proof, and durable. All of this comes day 1 you put them on. There is no break in period or anything, just put them on and go. I won’t buy another boot ever again.

Chris B.


great boots

i have been wearing hiax for some time now. From boots to their low cut shoe line they have always lasted for a long time, and have been one of my go to shoes for any activity. regardless of what your doing you can expect only the best when it comes to Hiax least that has been my experience. from running in and out of nursing homes doing portable X-rays to hiking in the woods i am really glade that I found this product.

Calvin F.


Great product

This is my second pair I have purchased because I have never found such a amazing boot. Best I have ever owned. Stay safe.



So far so good

I have been wearing the same boots for almost 20 years. Based on recommendations of co-workers I decided to try something lighter and newer. The boots are very comfortable and appear to be good craftsmanship. No insulation so when it gets cold double thick socks are a must.

John M.


@nd pair

This my 2nd pair of the Haix Black Eagle tac Boots with side zipper. I bought them as a back up pair to the one's I wear. The fit is great and they take a real good shine!

Sgt. Eliseo Q.


Amazing boot and customer service

I received these boots and decided to put them to use right away. Over the years I have developed a problem in my foot that requires special insoles. With these boots I have not had to use the insoles, as they are super comfortable and supportive. Very lightweight boot. The customer service I have received during my transaction have been nothing short of amazing.

Chris B.


run tight

I purchase this brand from recommendation from co worker. Been wearing the same size boot for 20 years. The boot is great and comfortable but I believe I need half or full size bigger as the boot is tight..

Brent A Van G.


Top Notch

These are the only pair of boots I've worn to work since the summer of 2018. I work in a busy city 911 EMS system and they've held up great. They're not too hot in the unbearable Carolina heat and humidity. My feet have been a little chilly in them during prolong periods outside in the winter if I wasn't wearing a sock liner and wool sock but they're not insulated so that's what I'd expect. Keep them polished and they stay relatively water tight. Overall, the boot, zipper, and laces are still in good shape, but I have had to replace the insoles after almost three years. My only criticism is that I'd like to see a larger or looped bootstrap to pull them on. I also have narrow feet and they fit pretty well.



Good Boot

Only wore them twice,but did as said. Kept feet warm and dry. I'm a mail carrier and feet are the most important in delivering mail. Only complaint is I got massive blisters on both heels. But since I just got them at the end of snow season,maybe they just need broke in. Toes are nice and wide so they are not cramped,and stay dry. Only complaint is the heel area. They got what guessing is xtra padding, but is kinda thick there and pushed on your heel causing blisters. But they may break in and stop causing them. That is the only reason for a 8/10 rating. Very very hard to find a boot for my Craft. These will be awesome if they break in.

Tammy W.


Great All Around Boot

I've been roaming around in my pair for a month now, so it's time for an early review.
Over all I'm very happy. I'm a 9.5 (with a mid-wide toe box and a high arch) and wanted some space for thicker winter socks. The fit was good right out of the box.
I've been on one short hike and tons of chores renovating an old farm house this winter. I wanted good ankle support, waterproofing, and a quick zip (cause I'm old and lazy now lol). They've been warm down to -12c, and no problems with water or snow. On a side note, they also have pretty good grip on ice and compact snow. The zippers have worked really well, and that was my only real fear buying these.
The only thing I would want different, is some type of lace locking system to hold your heel in tighter. Like the Burton Snowboards Lace Lock System.
I'll definitely be purchasing another pair in the future.



Good boots but a few issues

Got the boots a few days ago wore them during my shift as a paramedic. The front of the boot is a little snug even though i ordered wide. Same size boot I've always wore size 11. Zipper continually gets stuck about an inch from the top and have to unlace boots to actually get them off. The rest of my foot is comfortable and warm with good airflow just a little to snug on the front of my foot.

Timothy E.


Awesome Boots!

These are the most comfortable, lightweight boots I have ever had! Would definitely buy another pair!



Comfortable and light

I'm on my feet a lot and these boots are great.




I can confidently say I’ve found my forever work boot. I’ve tried 5.11, Bates, and Propper and I’ve had issues with each of these brands. When I wore these for the first time, I didn’t experience any discomfort. They’re sleek, they polish well, and they’re SUPER comfortable. I’m really happy with this purchase.



Dry and warm geety

I ordered these boots because I needed waterproof boots for work. I’ve had my boots that were marketed at such but clearly were not. I bought these boots just in time for rain. And, not one drop penetrated my boots while keeping my feet warm.



Excellent brand and boots!

I found this company 2 years ago and will never buy any other brand. They are true to size, which is the best part. I was told years ago, law enforcement boots generally last 6 months with full time use. These boots have gotten me through to the end of year two. The quality and fit is what a company should strive for and this company has acquired both. Also, their service is awesome too.



Great Boots!

Perfect fit! Very well made.

James D.


Best. Boots. Ever.

I ordered these during wear test September 2019, and I switched from 5.11. I’m never looking at a different boot again. These have been comfortable, durable, and waterproof since the first day I put them on. I wear them every day as a paramedic, and sometime I throw them on just to run to the store. I ordered another pair for someday when these soles get worn so I don’t have to wear an inferior boot.



Do not run true to size

9 stars as the boots did not run true to size out of the box. I am a true 9.5 size in everything from Nike, ASICS, snowboard boots, and even military boots. I had about an inch of space when I put these boots on. They are also narrow so I think I will return them and get a wide pair. The boots looked great in the box and were very sharp. I was disappointed as I couldn’t wear them same day. I am hoping customer service will offer free shipping to accommodate a return for a better fitting size.

Correctional Officer out of WA State

Alex C.


Excellent boots

Very comfortable boots. Very light weight and easy to put on. Good ankle support and I really like the side zip. They do fit snuggly, but as I’ve been breaking them in, they are loosening up a bit.

Mike M.


Comfortable but hate the zipper

A friend recommended these boots. I too bought them on sale. I beginning to wonder if they are factory seconds. They are an extremely comfortable boot but the zipper gets stuck about an inch down from the top. It seems to get stuck in the fabric and now that piece of fabric is getting frayed. So before work or after work, it’s a battle. The boots literally have been worn for two weeks. I usually just untie / tie them which defeats the sidezip speed. Nice boots but disappointed in the zipper design. If I’d paid full price, I’d be really unhappy.

Susan R.


Great boots

Took advantage of the $100 special and don’t regret it. Very comfortable and light, fit true to size. I’ve been wearing them for a couple of weeks now, 10-12 hours a day. No complaints.

John O.


Best boot ever

I love these boots its like walking on a cloud, and now I know why the Bundeswehr wears them!

Paul Porter J.


Best boot ever

These are the best boots that I have ever put on, and that says alot. Most comfortable boot its like walking on a cloud with great support for the ankles.

Paul Porter J.


Great so far

i just received these boots about a week ago but so far they are great. You never know what you are going to get when you buy something on line but these are exactly what I was hoping for. I have a large narrow foot. and ordered the 16M they fit great. I also have old ankle injuries and these feel like they have plenty of support but do not aggravate any of the old soreness. They are light weight and sturdy feeling and I am eager to see how they do in the winter in my outdoor job.



Superior Boots

I have been in the fire service for 20+ years and most boots i have had would last only about a year, and then I bought a pair of Haix. My first pair of Haix boots are still going strong after 3 years of wearing them on a 24/48 shift. I bought 2 new pairs when I found them on sale, one for work and one for personal use. As long as I am in the fire service I will continue to get and wear Haix boots. They fit great, are comfortable and definitely outlast any other boot I have ever worn.

Tom H.


Great quality cout fit better

Overall great quality. I usually wear a medium width boot, but this time I ordered wide for a little more room. Fit tighter than most mediums...

William H.


Extremely comfortable boot.

The boot honestly hugged my leg and gave a secure and awesome feel of comfort.

Solomon G.



When I opened the box and saw the boots, I knew they weren't the WIDE boots that I was accustomed to. I put the boots on and walked around inside my house for about 30-45 minutes while wearing the boots. They squeezed my feet, even after I loosened the boot laces multiple times. Very painful experience. Returned them the next morning and got my money back minus shipping.

Shayne G.


Great boots

I’ve only been using them for about a week. So far so good. They are very comfortable but they do run a little narrow. Like others, one zipper works better than the other. Depending on how they hold up, I’ll buy again!

Michael M.


Great boots

As good as the other name brand that I have worn for decades. Lightweight and comfortable and have had a pair for about a year. Getting ready to buy another pair for my personal use because I have not worn out the first ones.



The best

I’m a 10+ year LEO and have bought lots of different brands of boots for patrol. I work 12 hour shifts. I received my haix boots a couple weeks ago. By far the most comfortable boots I have ever worn. Wish I would have found haix boots years ago. I will definitely be a loyal customer from here on out.



Well constructed boots

This is a well constructed boot made with quality materials. This is my first pair of black eagle boots, but my third purchase overall. The boots are comfortable and provide the support and cushioning necessary for all day wear. They look good and feel considerably lighter than the GSG9 model. There are a couple things that you should know before buying, however. The boots run short and narrow. I purchased the 12.5 wide and normally wear a 12 wide. The 12.5 is just right in length, but a tad tight despite being wide. I normally wear Darn Tough boot socks that are cushioned, and I have found that I need to wear the thinner ones due to the width. The second minor complaint that I have is the zipper. I know that in the past there were numerous complaints about the zipper getting stuck, and that the design was tweaked as a result. With mine, it still gets caught while unzipping. The snag is about 1 1/2 inches down from the top. As I unzip, I have to slide my finger along the zipper to prevent the fabric being caught. After that initial point, the zipper functions smoothly. They also do fine when I zip them up. Hope this helps.

Kurt D.


Great Boots

I've been wearing these boots for about 2 weeks. Every day they get better and more comfortable. They are light, durable and look great in uniform.



great boots

Completely satisfied with these boots. Mild break in but after that I've done plenty of 16hr shifts.

Dwayne D.


Great Boot

Finally found a comfortable boot that fits well! After buying multiple pairs of footwear I finally have a boot I can wear for my 16 hour days! Fast shipping too.



Amazing boot with bad zippers

These boots are insanely comfortable, durable, and perfect in both summer and winter with a good pair of wool socks. They are light, the soles last forever, and extremely waterproof. The biggest issue with the boots are the use of cheap zippers. The zippers will start with zipping issues, eventually graduate to not zipping a portion up, and finally the zipper will fall apart. I wanted to keep using these boots however, the zipper prevented me from doing so. If they put some great quality zippers on these boots they would easily be a 10/10

Otto V.


Great boots

I've had these boots about 2 weeks now, very comfortable and great fit.

Justin G.


Great Boot

Finally found a comfortable boot that fits well! After buying multiple pairs of footwear I finally have a boot I can wear for my 16 hour days! Fast shipping too.



Great boot

I purchased these boots about a year ago and have been wearing them 40+ hours a week working as an EMT. There was little to no break in period for me. These boots have out performed every other boot that I have tried. They are very easy to clean and easy to maintain. The boots have little wear on them and I have had no issues with them. One of the things I really like about this boot is that it kept its original shape and the feel of the boot has not changed too much over the year. 10/10 would recommend.



Lightweight, water resistant, and everything else!

At first, I was sceptical about this boot (been wearing them for a year now). Everything it said it was seemed to good to be true. When they arrived, they seemed to thin and weight half as much as my other boots. These fit like a glove and to me, they felt like I didn't even have to wear them in. The are very well built and will keep you dry when you walk through water. Comfortable enough to be on your feet all day (12+ hour shifts), springy enough to make you feel like you'd chase someone, and light enough to feel like you're not wearing boots. Just ordered my second pair!



Outstanding Boot!!!

Theses boots are outstanding! They are very comfortable and insanely light. The side zip is very durable. It takes a very good shine as well.



Not the best for the woods

I bought this 4 weeks ago, I would say if you are just a normal beat cop they would work great, but if you are a K9 handler I would look for something a little more stronger around the ankle area. The black dye doesn’t stay on the boot very long either



Hands down the best

I have tried multiple EMS and Law Enforcement style boots. These are the best. Feels more comfortable than a tennis shoe. I would not buy anything else. I wear a women’s 7 (bought a 6) and it fits perfectly!



Comfortable boot & light weight for the size.

The first thing I thought when I pulled them out of the box was "these things are too light to be a duty boot!" The second thing I thought was "crud, the reviews about them being too narrow are true" as I couldn't slide my foot in on the first few attempts (and I by no means have wide feet). This however turned out to be a non issue once I really spread the laces out on the next day. Oddly enough this was only an issue with the right boot. Left one slid in with no issue on first try. The other issue I had out of the box was that the zipper would stop/stall about an inch down when opening it on the right boot. Left boot worked perfectly. After breaking them in for about two weeks and trying a trouble shoot tactic with the zipper suggested by customer support; I had to send them back to have the zipper issue dealt with. Customer care fully replaced them with a new pair that came with no issues that I have found as yet after wearing for a good week and a half. The boots seem to require next to no break-in period (unlike some boots you have to wear at home for a few hours at a time to keep from hurting your feet before wearing for work), have a nice semi-adhesive feeling when walking on concrete and asphalt, the lining is just thick enough you can climate control your feet with the appropriate sock for the season and not freeze or roast your toes. Only two suggestions for improvement I have is the laces could be 2"-3" longer to either tie in a double bow in the front or a square knot in the back after wrapping once around the calf, and to offer the lace keeper that other Haix boots come with. Only reason I didn't give the boot a 10 rating is I've only worn them for a little under a month between the two pairs and with the mild winter I haven't been able to fully test them; but for wearing on my 90% foot patrol assignment, they were worth the price.

Brett F.


Most Durable Boots Ever Owned

I've now worn these boots for 1 year and they are still like new. I have weak ankles and have searched for a long lasting boot that won't lose support after a few months. After one year, the ankle support provided by these boots is still superb. At 6'7 and 240lbs, a police officer and firefighter, these boots have been through it all. I would highly recommend.

Tyler G.


Great boots

Great boots so far. Easy on and off. Perfect for quick EMS calls yet very comfortable from the start. I wore them for over 30hrs straight the first day. I will definitely be buying Haix boots in the future.

Dale P.


Perfect for EMS

Easy on off, and super durable. Love the gortex feature.

Keara W.



I'll be honest; when I first received the boots in the mail, I thought they felt a little cheap. But, I decided to give them a try. The first time I wore them, I was pleasantly surprised with how comfortable they were. They felt supportive, soft and secure on my feet. However there weren't many elements to test them in. This is where the best part comes in. The last couple days I was out in fields and soggy areas during some Search And Rescue training. These boots were spectacular! I was walking in water above the foot level and my feet were completely dry. The only time water got into the boots was when I stepped in some pretty deep spots and it came in over the top. Now I just hope they will dry out ok because I would hate to lose out on continuing to wear these.
Awesome product!



Second pair of boots

Bought my first pair back in April of this year, perfect from day one, Just got my second pair for back up and working at home. We just had a few days with rain on top of 3 inches of snow, black ice every where, I am amazed how well these soles make you feel safe, my old boots would have put me on the floor as soon as stepping out of the car. The soles on my first pair still look like new, no apparent wear. Once again highly recommended, fast delivery and staff who stay in contact to make sure your happy. :-)

Morgan M.


I should have read the other reviews "runs narrow"

First off I want to say the customer service is a top notch 5 stars!!
Ok now for the review of the boot itself. It does run narrow and feels tighter than any of my other boots. The zipper is very trying to get down as it gets stuck on the inner liner. They should look at the Bates gtx to see how the inner liner works as that system is nice. A big gripe is why don't they use some of the technologies from the sport version: lace keeper and tongue to store in, 2-zone lace system, or the ankle pad. Seems like you lose on some of that for the waterproofing. I like Haix sport boots but will refrain on buying another pair of their waterproof line until they make some improvements.

Thomas Peak I.


Lightweight and comfortable, but a bit narrow

Great patrol boots. They are lightweight and comfortable. Just 2 things, they run a little narrow. I by no means have wide feet and these are still a little narrow, but I really can’t complain due to receiving these in a giveaway from Haix, which I am extremely grateful for. The second thing is the zipper. It gets stuck on the inner fabric when unzipping. Other than that I’m pretty impressed with them.

Niki C T.


Great boot, zipper malfunctions

Overall, I love these boots. They are comfortable, light, and have great waterproof capabilities. The only thing I dislike is the zipper and the flap inside the zipper. When I unzip my boots, the zipper gets caught on the little piece of fabric on the inside. It would be okay if it was a once in a while thing but it is every day. I still love the boots but the zipper may need some more work.

Steven H.


Terrific Product

I have purchased several Haix footwear and these particular boots are among the best. They were extremely comfortable out of the box and are extremely well-made. The same can be said about my other Haix boots as well. They are all well worth the extra money due to their overall quality and durability. Highly recommended.



Love these shoes, got this for winter

I love these shoes. I got the same ones the summer version and it feels amazing and comfortable. I decided to get the same ones but waterproof. These feel as good, the only minus is it’s missing the lace cover. With haixlogo.



I will review when I get them.

Need to get them first, and use them for at least 6 months. Southern Arizona mountains and terrain is no joke.

Martin L.


Worth the $

By far the best boots I've worn. Six years in the military and seven in law enforcement, I've tried quite a few over the years. This brand tops all! I own 3 pairs that I use for work. September is the month to buy!

Nate A.


Walking on a cloud

I have four pairs of HAIX boots and each pair are very comfortable; I tried others and wore other brand's for years, but they can't compare to HAIX for total comfort. Occupation: Corrections , Fire/EMS , Security for a Private/Gated Community.

scott s.


Good boot but too narrow

Sgt Antony M.


Nice Buy

Clifford M.


Good boot but too narrow

I ordered these boots in the same size as I would Bates or 511 boots and I have a hard time getting them on as the back lining on the side zipper is not wide enough to get my size 13 foot in without undoing the laces same for getting them off.which kinda defeats the purpose of side zipper boots. I should've order the wides as my foot feels squeezed all the time. Trying to break them in hoping that they will stretch some otherwise they will go in the closet in case primary boots get wet.

Sgt Antony M.


These are my boots!

I've been wearing my Black Eagle Tactical Boots for one week now, and I'm ready to order a back up pair!

Eliseo Q.


Just plain awesome!

Fit perfectly, no break in period whatsoever, very lightweight, almost feel like wearing sneakers. Soles give great grip, and are all but silent. Couldn't be happier with them. Did I mention incredibly comfortable?

Jeremy B.


I'm a happy guy.... these are the best yet.

I'VE BEEN AT THIS FOR OVER THIRTY YEARS AND HAVE ALWAYS HAD ISSUES WITH MY FEET. I have a half dozen pair of duty boots that I wear in rotation but now the rotation stops because these Haix boots are the best of the best. Light with terrific support & comfortable. If I wasn't at the end of the rainbow I'd buy another pair just to have them in queue.

Sgt. R. C.


Just got them but seem tighter.

I see sizing isn’t consistent through Haix boots. I ordered 11.5W which is what I’ve been wearing since Haix first came to the US under Lion Apparel and these are tighter in the heals and forefoot than all of my fire and station boots. Also has less padding and cushion in the forefoot area. Time will tell about the durability, but if they last like the original Station boots from the mid 2000’s that I still am able to use then they are a good deal. Just hoping they stretch out some and I am going insole shopping now to help with the cushion and comfort issues.



Very Different from the Original Eagle Tactical Boots

The original Eagle Tactical boots are the greatest boots I've ever worn. I was very excited that there's a 2.0 side-zip but the 2.0 is very different from the original. The 2.0s are very well made but the instant-break-in & running comfort of the original Eagle Tactical are no longer a thing.

Structurally, the boot is made for feet with more prominent arches and pushes up on the outer balls of my feet. You can absolutely tell the boots are of high quality, but unfortunately they cramp my feet after about a minute of wearing. Hopefully Haix will make a boot that are like the original Eagle Tactical boots.



Light, durable, and comfortable.

For years I would get off of shift and put running shoes on, always thinking how happy I was to have that support for my knees. It was like night and day.
I placed an order for the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip on a chance. I was never expecting what I would receive. The box came in the mail and when I picked it up, I thought that it must have been the wrong order because it was light as a feather. I put them on and adjusted the laces. When I began to walk, to my surprise I felt a spring in my step as if I was wearing a new pair of running shoes! Night and day compared to the heavy leather boots I have been accustomed to over the last 10 years.
The boots were a little tight around the side of my little toes for the first week or so but broke in very nicely after that.
Do yourself a favor and buy these boots if you spend more than 10 hours a day on your feet. Just remember that they run more narrow. I want to order 2 more pair of these just in case they are discontinued.

Troy N.


First time buyer

Found your site on line while looking for boots, I live in the far North of Canada so I needed something for both hot and very cold climates plus in a size 14.5 Wide.Working in the Sheriffs office, we have long days alternating between being in Court to being out doors in minus 40C or colder temps. Choices are very few and far between. After reading all the reviews on your site I opted for the Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High Side Zip, in a 15 Medium. The order was placed last week and they arrived today. First let me say that is quicker service than getting stuff from Lower Canada,and secondly the box was so light I thought they had only shipped one boot. Anyway the boots are on and feel great, the extra half size was a good choice. feel great and look good, I would have preferred a slightly long lace to wrap around the the leg but no problem. I think I will order some of your socks as I normally wear a very thick sock. I am looking forward to having a boot that last longer than a year like my old ones.

Morgan P.



Very well built and hoping it will last just as long as my last pair of haix. very stiff for the first work week but then were very comfortable. the boots had more padding / insulation around the ankle and leg than i was used to but worked out nice since it is winter right now.

Geoff G.


Great boot just running narrow.

Great boot, wish I could wear them every day. I ordered the wide like I have in the past in Haix boots but these seem to be running more narrow. No double E available.



good boot

Good boot. Very lightweight. I ordered the wide size, which still is tight. The zipper on one boot works better than the other. Overall a good boot!

John w.

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