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HAIX Special Fighter USAR

Quad-certified USAR and EMS boot for the front line

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Footwear For Every First Responder HAIX® Special Fighter USAR steel toe metatarsal boots give... more
Product information "HAIX Special Fighter USAR"
Boot height in inches 10 inches
Certification ASTM F 2413, CAN/CSA-Z195, NFPA 1951, NFPA 1977, NFPA 1992, NFPA 1999
Color Black
Conductivity Electrical hazard
Fastener Fast lacing
Gender Male
Inner liner CROSSTECH®
Item number 505204
Primary use USAR
Product type Clearance, Factory firsts
Puncture protection Steel
Safety toe Steel
Shank Steel
Sole FIRE 011 Sole
Technologies (FL) Fast Lacing Fit, (HD) High Durability Cap, (MSL) Micro Soft Light, (SL) Secura Liner, Classified UL, Classified UL Canada, Climate, CROSSTECH®, Metatarsal Protector, Protective Sole, Protective Steel Toe Cap, Sun Reflect
Upper material Smooth leather
Waterproof Yes

Footwear For Every First Responder

HAIX® Special Fighter USAR steel toe metatarsal boots give maximum protection and comfort for those who put their feet at the front lines during an emergency. Tough and dirty terrain, heat, water, and more are nothing for the HAIX® Special Fighter USAR boot. The European design is complemented by exceptional quality materials and specially designed technology to keep your feet clean, dry and safe. Fast lacing, Sun Reflect leather, and a steel toe cap work together to protect your feet. The CROSSTECH® Secura Liner acts as a barrier between your feet and spills of various types.

Upper Material For the Toughest Environments

On the inside of these wildland firefighting boots, safety and comfort are supreme with the Secura Liner® which ensures that your boot lining will not wrinkle, pull up, or pull out. The liner is a specialty fabric which includes CROSSTECH®. This is designed to keep your feet cool and dry. It is also water and blood borne pathogen resistant. The HAIX® MSL System incorporated into the sole gives the boot the light feeling you love and the shock absorption that you need. PU foam is injected throughout the sole, and offers excellent heat and cold insulation. An anatomically created steel toe cap protects feet from damage while offering rubber padding to prevent toe problems. The mid sole also gives the boot a work safety edge. It is made with stainless steel, which is flexible enough to allow more freedom of movement while protective enough to safeguard you from the dangers of puncture.

What Makes the Boot Fit?

Special Fighter USAR is made from HAIX® Sun Reflect leather, which keeps your feet cool and directs sun away from your boots rather than into them so that your feet are more comfortable when working out in the elements. These puncture proof firefighting boots are designed for the best possible fit, with the HAIX® Fast Lacing Fit System to ensure your foot and leg area are as adjustable as you wish, without feeling constricted. It also helps you to pull them on quickly when time is of the essence. You will enjoy the flex zone, which is designed around the tongue, so that your foot can move more freely when kneeling, climbing or operating machinery. The outer profiled rubber toe cap ensures these steel toe metatarsal protection boots resist abrasion longer than the average steel toe shoe.

Insole, Lining and Footbed Make Search and Rescue Duties Easier

The insole is designed to be anatomically formed to your foot for ultimate comfort as well as and easy to change. Throw your insoles into the washing machine after a tough day on the job to give them a quick refresh and to keep them like new. HAIX insoles provide great moisture absorption along with quick-dry properties. The TEXON fleece footbed offers superior ankle support in an anatomically formed design.

Sole for the First Responder

The HAIX® Special Fighter USAR puncture proof firefighting boots have a sole which keeps you safe with a high voltage resistance of 18 KV. Constructed of nitrile rubber which is oil and fuel resistant and a specially designed self-cleaning tread. Dried mud and small stones in your tread will be a thing of the past. The tread pattern gives optimal traction on a variety of surfaces. Foam injected into the sole guarantees better shock absorption and insulation.

  • Steel toe metatarsal boots engineered in Germany
  • Secura Liner® – will never wrinkle up or pull out over time
  • HAIX® Sun Reflect leather helps keep feet cooler in direct sunlight
  • HAIX® MSL System (Micro Soft Light) PU foam is injected throughout the sole for greater shock absorption and cold/heat insulation
  • HAIX® Patented Lacing System offers a quick and optimal adjustment option, easy entry and exit which allows independent adjustment between the upper and lower boot and the ability to tuck the lace ends into a side pocket.
  • HAIX® Climate System keeps your feet temperature regulated and more comfortable
  • Mens firefighter boots with steel protective toe cap
  • Exterior profiled rubber toe cap for added abrasion resistance when crawling
  • Steel puncture protective sole
  • Ladder shank for extra support on ladder rungs
  • Waterproof/breathable with CROSSTECH®
  • Increased chemical protection and bloodborne pathogen resistance
  • Slip resistant and highly heat resistant rubber sole

Learn more about HAIX® footwear technology.

HAIX® offers an Extended Wear Program, click here for more details.

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Our comment on "HAIX Special Fighter USAR"
IMPORTANT NOTE: This style has been discontinued and is sold "as is" with no manufacturer warranty under any circumstances.
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Customer reviews for "HAIX Special Fighter USAR"
23 Apr 2021


It is everything you would have hoped given the description, my only reservation is that it isn't sufficiently tight enough across my ankles. Otherwise an exceptional boot.

7 Dec 2020

Top of the line boots

So these are the ultimate protection boots. Not like the safety ones these needs some brake in time but after that they are just as comfortable. It took about 2-3 days to brake them in but after that they fit like sneakers with extreme protection. They hold my ankle secure and protect my feet all around. These boots are bullet proof inside and out. I work in a place where I have to walk in water, diesel fuel, gasoline, mud, dirt,degreaser and also have to kick all kinds of metal objects like trailer hitches etc. I walked in ankle deep water for 10 hours and my feet stayed dry. Top of the line quality. Easy show lace ties. The only thing is a joke on these are the metatarsal protection. I ordered them because of that feature but they are just a very soft plastic that will only protect from if a medium sized bumble bee fell on it. If that is the feature you need do not order these boots. I ordered them for that reason but kept them because everything else on these boots are top of the line quality and gives super protection and they are so comfortable after the break in period like a pair of sneakers. Order one size smaller than usual because they run large as all HAIX boots. Absolutely top of the line boots worth every penny.

22 Oct 2020

So comfortable!

I cut trees for railroads. So I am extremely rough terrain every day. My feet have bothered me for years. These boots are wonderful! My feet have not hurt a bit since I bought them! I ordered them over the phone, through customer service, I wish I could remember her name, she deserves a shout-out, she was absolutely wonderful, so friendly and helpful. Haix has earned a customer for life. Thank you so much!

5 Sep 2020


Took a chance on the HAIX Special Fighter USAR boot. Our department has issues special ops trucks the matterhorn miner boot...the one that feels like you are walking around in custom fit bricks.

The Haix Boot is extremely comfortable...I can work all day long in them. As the name suggest, they are more for a special operations truck (Heavy Rescue, Ladder work, Hazmat, USAR etc...)

Im wearing them around the station now....They are easy to get on and off. They kind of remind me of a very comfortable bunker boot. Some reviews said they feel very heavy and I can only assume they are comparing them to a pair of flip flops. As far a work boot, it's relative to any work boot I've worn on the job.

Highly recommend. Looks like they are discontinuing so grab you a pair.

31 Oct 2019

Good but....

Good boot. Holds up for fire/rescue and EMS especially in the snow and high water. Only downfall is the outer covering of the laces pulled away and then the inner lace just broke on me. After 2 years of hard use though this is the only down fall to the boot. The are comfortable and can be worn for 24+ hours. Much more then my R1’s.

9 Apr 2018

Good boot but lace break all the time

so its a great boot. weight doesn't seem to brother me but what does is the fact that the lace are always breaking on me a lot. i have extra one just in case. down side it am always worried went am at the station they the lace will break and them am stuck going to a call without my boot fitting right ugh... but other then that is a great boot. i have always love haix boots. had the boots for about 2yrs now

Admin 11 Apr 2018

Hi Ronald,

We appreciate you taking the time to review the Special Fighter USAR. We are happy to hear that you like the boot and that they have served you well over the last two years other than the laces. We apologize that you have had some issues, making the boot not fight right. After reaching out to you via email, I believe we  have found a solution to the problem and hope it won't deter you from remaining a loyal HAIX customer in the future. Stay safe out there!

24 Dec 2017

Tough Boots

I’ve had three pairs of this model boot over a period of six years. They are very well made, and feel like having battle tanks on your feet. Yes, they’re heavy, but it’s worth it, and it just makes you stronger, right? They will be very warm in the summer, but it’s tolerable, and appreciated in winter. They also seem to be “high volume” boots, and I always add a second insole to get the right fit. I highly recommend these boots.

Admin 26 Dec 2017

Hello Jesse,

Thank you for your feedback on the Special Fighter USAR. We are glad that you appreciate the high quality of this boot and know that the heaviness is for protection on the job. These boots do run about a half-size large, but we are happy that the second insole has helped you find the right fit. We appreciate your recommendation and your loyalty to the HAIX brand.

21 Sep 2017

Great boot

After month of research I decided to go with these boots for my EMS duty boot as well as on CRET details at my PD. I'm not a fan of zippers so these seem to be a good option. The pull style laces are a great idea. After using these boots for 2 months now they seem to be pretty resilient. They have held up to the blood and abuse of the ambulance and also have performed well on kicking in doors and chasing after the occasional bad guy. They are comfortable and after wearing them for 18-20 hours straight my only complaint was me feet being a bit damp but that's more of a sock issue then the boot. The only thing I would change about the boot would be going down a half size from what I ordered but to have to send them back was just not an option as I needed the boots asap. All and all it's a great concept and very functional and safe piece of footwear

Admin 21 Sep 2017

Hi Anthony,

We appreciate your feedback on the Special Fighter USAR boots.  We are glad that you like the Fast Lacing Fit System for easy adjustment and a customized fit.  We are also pleased that you find the boots to be comfortable, functional, safe, resilient and that they have served you well in both jobs in EMS and LE even after long hours on your feet.  The dampness issue most likely does have to do with your socks.  Our boots work best with a wool blend socks to wick away the moisture, keeping them cool and dry.  Sorry that the boot is a little big for you.  In the future, be aware that our fire boots run about a half size larger than a normal boot.  If you have any sizing questions please reach out via Live Chat our contact our Customer Service Dept. and they will be happy to help.   Thanks for your service.  We hope you'll continue to be a loyal HAIX customer in the future.  

20 Mar 2017

The Pull up Laces break

These boots were issued to all members of our TRT/USAR team at my Fire department. Most members choose not to wear them due to comfort levels and weight. Between the few of us that did choose to wear them, the lower lace pull ups have failed within one year. For a 400 dollar boot this should not be an issue. I would recommend other HAIX boots if you are choosing to wear these around the station. I would personally prefer the AIRPOWER model as I have heard nothing but good things about them from coworkers.

Admin 27 Mar 2017

Hi Aaron,

Thank for your feedback on the Special Fighter USAR.  We are sorry to hear that you found the boots to be heavy and that the lace pullups failed on you so easily but I am confident that we found a reasonable resolution to the problem that you are now satisfied.  We hope you won't less this experience keep you from being a loyal HAIX customer in the future.  

10 Oct 2015

Comfortable BUT very heavy

These boots are very comfortable, however wearing them for 12 hours a day every day gets old quick. They are quite clunky and loud while walking. Regular use causes t you to put effort into walking because of the metatarsal guard, which hinders the ability to flex and extend your foot at the ankle joint. The lacing system is cool and quick to lace up however does not lock in the ankle into the corner of the boot as well as traditional laces, in addition the laces ware incredibly fast, Ive been in EMS for 7 years and never once had to replace laces before the whole boot until I owned this boot. In the winter and during rescue operations this boot shines and excels in comfort and safety. I usually only wear them in the winter or for such operations and drills, unfortunately I purchased these boots through a department program and cannot return them, looking back on the decision I would have purchased the airpowers for EMS duty.

Admin 15 Oct 2015

Hi Pat,

Thank you for your feedback on the Special Fighter USAR boots.  We're glad you found the boots to be comfortable and safe during rescue operations, as this is the main function of this model.  As you know, the metatarsal guard is a protection feature on this boot and due to this, it can be stiff initially.  However, it will assure that this part of your foot is protected.  

Although they are also NFPA certified for EMS station wear, these boots can be heavy to wear on 12 hour shifts.  As such, we generally recommend one of our EMS station boots (Airpower R1, R2 or XR1) for this application, as they are lighter and designed specifically to be worn for long shifts.

26 Mar 2015

Too Heavy, special ops boot ONLY

Pros: Waterproof, not too hot or cold in extreme climates, comfortable, quick-on, quick-off. moderately comfortable... wear cushoned socks for over 12 hours of wearing.

CONS: Heavy... VERY heavy. Noisy - the metatarsal guard and tongue area squeak very loud. Extremely slippery on wet surfaces, sole does not repel oil. Oil makes sole even more slippery. does not allow for ankle movement and thus are very "klunky" to wear. The speed-lacing system chews up laces... I go thru laces about as many times as I change oil in my car (approx. every 2-3 months.).

OVERALL - good for special ops/rescue when you only wear them for a few hours at a time. NOT A GOOD DUTY BOOT for every day/on-duty use.

Admin 6 Apr 2015

Hi Partick,

We're sorry to hear that you are unhappy with your boots.  Customer service has contacted you and is attempting to help resolve this issue.

24 Jun 2014

Perfect for me!

Having previously been a retained Firefighter in a rural British town (and a volunteer police officer some while back), I'm well used to abusing boots, and getting pissed off when they don't live up to the job, us Brits love to moan! So when I became a Paramedic, I decided that I wanted boots that I'd love wearing.

Contrary to the previous review, I wanted boots that DIDN'T feel like a chunky, oversized trainer, an excessively built walking boot, or seasoned old workboot. Nor did I want the size and clumsiness of a heavier fire-orientated boot... foot sweeping and stamping round a burning building, walking round a muddy farm or running tools around an RTC scene is one thing, but walking round an elderly person's cramped flat to perform delicate assessments is something else entirely! As a police officer I had an uncomfy, clumpy pair of Magnums, which looked the part, but hurt after 12+ hours. A second pair felt as comfy as a trainer, but gave very little protection, and damaged easily. Other boots on the market seemed to err too far towards comfort, or ultimate solidity. On top of all that, I wanted some sort of zip or quick release system. First, I needed a boot that could be donned in seconds during my final few months as a firefighter, was easy to take off after a long shift, and preferably quick to adjust. I've always struggled doing boots up tight enough, but not so tight that your feet hurt after a few hours, so I find laces a pain to use, if only out of pure laziness! That said, once you're sat down in an ambulance, it's hit and miss as to how long you'll be working until you're free for long enough to answer the call of nature, eat, or adjust boots!

The USAR boot solves all of these issues. My pair are comfy when worn for long periods of time, but tough enough to last, and support my feet. They're solid enough to crawl about in, stumble down ditches, across muddy playing fields and over fences, but compact and delicate enough to walk round a tiny home full of ornaments and prized possessions. They're easy to clean when they get dirty, easy to take off after a long shift, they feel as if they're designed for me, not over engineered for someone else.

The lacing system does take a while to get used to, and you have to pay particular attention to adjusting the lacing system to fit your foot. Perhaps my feet are a strange shape, but I needed to experiment with adjusting the ankle and lower foot laces to avoid compressing the top of my foot, lower shin, or (as I can in some ways relate to the previous reviewer) the uppermost part of the foot/ankle at the joint. Once fully adjusted though, the system is fantastic! It takes seconds to don the boot, and only a few more to re-adjust it as needed. I do find that the lacing system slips slightly throughout the day, but given that it takes such a short time to tighten them up, I really don't care. I also swear that getting the boots "just right" with a nice tight fit results in the lacing system adjusting to your foot over the day, and providing the perfect fit, but that could just be because I'm used to other boots getting uncomfy! Donning is helped significantly by the large loop at the back, and more importantly the grab handle on the tongue section.... absolute genius, and it makes them easy to carry too. Some other boots have enough room in the rear loop for one finger, possibly two if you're really lucky, as if it's there to look good more than function well.

Aesthetically, they're smart looking, professional, they shine well, and that's all I need! They look world's away from the standard service issue boot that makes even the smallest UK 4 size seem large and chunky, whilst providing minimal protection and zero protection from "fluids"... the first time someone vomits all over your boots, you're thankfully they're waterproof. The first time someone vomits blood and faeces simultaneously on your boots (I honestly never quite thought it was possible to vomit faeces, but aparrently it is) you'll never go back to a non-crosstech boot, no matter how infrequently it happens! And at the end of the day, I've no issue washing the boots down, and disinfecting them when I get home. I noticed on my training course that everyone's issue boots looked shiny and smart, the leather toe section does have a professional edge to it... however, after 30 minutes of CPR on concrete, not one boot in the class had an unscuffed toe. By the end of the first week they were all beyond polish, and had a permanent scar along the toe. My boots however, looked like new thanks to the tough rubber toe cap. Initially, I wasn't so keen on the look of an external rubber toe, and a number of people asked why the toe had raised sections. I now know exactly why, because kneeling is heavy on the toe!

Highly recommended for the type of Paramedic who wouldn't wear anything less than a boot on shift, simply because if someone is in a bad way, fences are there to be climbed, and ditches there to be descended. Besides, patients are never courteous enough to collapse in highly convenient, accessible locations, bless them!

27 May 2014

issued to me by government agency

I am on a state USAR team and was issued these new boots after wearing older pro warrington 6000 technical rescue usar boots. These new haix are extremely HEAVY, especially when having to wear them for who knows how many hours. It feels like I am getting ready to go play in several feet of snow because of how thick and heavy they are. I am just now getting to break them in by wearing them to work in EMS and Fire/Rescue. Just standing in them, they are comfortable as far as footbed, but walking, for whatever reason, the left foot is no problem. The right foot flexes right across the top of my foot and the bend in the leather and material flex inward, right into the cuboid and calcaneus joint (below the ankle), and it is extremely uncomfortable (painful if worn for a long time). I am not a huge fan of the double pull lacing system. it is a great concept, but actually makes getting a proper fit and it feeling secured to the foot takes more than just pulling on the lacing handle and locking down the lever. Also this leave an excess of boot lace hanging out, that, if not tucked in or comes untucked, could get snagged on something in the environment. these are really cool search boots and I will have them on my next exercise, but the thought of putting them back on right now makes me cringe and my feet hurt just thinking about it. I will keep my warringtons on standby, but I am willing to give these an honest try next time I hit up the rubble pile or tunnel or wherever USAR sends me. very sturdy boots. just super duper heavy and is going to take a lot of time to get these broke in just right. they do not feel or fit like a good old comfy athletic shoe or even a trusty pair of old boots. I feel like a storm trooper in these.

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