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Hero in a Half-Pipe

What do you get when you mix one part law enforcement officer, one part skater, one part jiu-jitsu instructor, one part community ambassador, one part trombone player and one part cold-plunge advocate? You get Officer Craig Hanaumi.

This fall, Craig will celebrate his 20th year in law enforcement. Over those 20 years, he has dedicated himself to the communities in which he serves, engaging his neighbors through his long list of talents and seemingly endless energy. Trying to pin him down into one category is as fruitless as a carnivore’s diet. But through a combination of social media research and Officer Craig’s own words, HAIX attempted to unlock the secret of his aloha spirit.
This past fall, weartesters from all over the U.S. and Canada got the chance to try out a pair of HAIX Black Eagle Tactical side zip boots, 1000 to be exact! Over 7000 Law Enforcement professionals applied for an opportunity to weartest the boot of their choice and to provide us with their honest feedback. Chosen weartesters wore the boots on the job, testing them out in multiple scenarios. All we asked was that they give us their feedback on a number of different features such as comfort, quality, boot weight and durability.

Surviving Winter - 5 Tips for Cops

Winter is upon us, and regardless of what region of the country you live, the temperatures are getting colder. This creates new challenges for first responders who have to work out in the elements, especially police officers. Here are some cold weather tips and preparedness advice to keep you safe both off and on-duty.

Supporting Shop with a Cop

HAIX® is proud to support the Shop with a Cop initiative this holiday season! This can be a tough time of year for some families, so giving children the opportunity to purchase gifts for their loved ones with the help of local law enforcement is a very rewarding experience for all those involved. It also gives police officers the ability to interact with kids in a positive environment while also spreading Christmas cheer!