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Features that Make Police Shoes Highly Durable

The job of a law enforcement officer is unpredictable. You may spend hours behind the wheel, then out of nowhere are forced to jump from your seat and sprint full speed after a potential suspect. Quick reaction times are critical in police work, and having the right pair of law enforcement footwear for the job can help you move as quickly and confidently as possible. HAIX® North America specializes in crafting some of the highest quality law enforcement shoes available, helping the brave men and women serving our communities stay as safe and prepared as possible. Here are some of the key police boot features you should look for when selecting a pair of law enforcement footwear.

All Weather Design

Police work is an indoor-outdoor job. There is no telling what terrain or weather you could encounter on your daily beat. Because of this, it is vital the piece of footwear you select is capable in all conditions. Hazards like rain, snow, heat, and ice can all negatively impact your ability to stay quick on your feet, and even potentially cause slips and injuries. Combining a exceptionally grippy soles, with robust waterproofing technology—every pair of HAIX® policy duty boots and shoes is fully prepared to take on all weather conditions without compromise. We center the design of our law enforcement footwear around performance and functionality, ensuring they will not let you down.

Low, Mid and High

No officer’s beat is the same. Why should everyone have the same equipment? Some officers operating in dense city environments may prefer a lightweight, low-rise athletic shoe design for peak performance on urban terrain. Other officers in suburban and rural environments may have mixed terrains to deal with, making the mid-rise ideal for great elemental protection, without sacrificing lightweight performance on the pavement. For tactical and SWAT officers operating in exceptionally dangerous environments, HAIX® also offers specialize high-rise police duty boots with the ultimate levels of protection.

Ankle Protection and Shock Absorption

To help protect you from extreme hazards, a selection of HAIX® Black Eagle® tactical boots offer an ankle protection system. Since your ankles are delicate, yet vital parts of your legs and feet, this added protection is especially appreciated when navigating dangerous terrain. Additionally, our shock absorption system helps your feet stay on the move in comfort, while using the shock energy return to add a spring effect to every step.

Anti-Slip Sole

A number of hazards could cause a slip and fall—especially if you are in pursuit of a suspect at full-speed. HAIX® anti-slip soles help keep law enforcement officers on the top of their game, without having to worry about potential falls and injuries.

Packed with safety and performance features, every pair of HAIX® law enforcement footwear is designed to help officers best-perform their duties. From daily comfort and support, to agile grip and lightweight performance when running, jumping, diving, or sliding—HAIX® footwear keeps you prepared for anything that could occur on your daily beat. Want to learn more? Give us a call at 866-344-4249, or browse our expansive inventory today!

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