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It's Getting Hot Out There

So, put on the right boots. We know work doesn't stop for a little (or a lot of) heat.

You probably recognize the name GORE-TEX® for its superior waterproofing technology. But did you know that the GORE-TEX® liner that keeps water out also breathes, allowing moist air to escape? This exceptional liner is found in most HAIX® boots, and when paired with our proprietary climate system for circulating cool air, you've got yourself a great combination for those warm summer months.

What is GORE-TEX®?

GORE-TEX® is named for the Gore family, who were based in Newark, Delaware in the late 1950s. Dad, Bill, discovered polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon™). But it was his son, Bob, who changed the world a decade later by stretching his dad's invention into a membrane that was both waterproof and breathable.

Each square inch of GORE-TEX® has 9 billion pores, which are about 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, making it absolutely waterproof. However, these pores are also about 700 times larger than water vapor molecules, allowing sweat to escape and keeping your feet dry from the inside out.

Wait, how much water vapor?

With an average of 250,000 sweat glands, your feet have more sweat glands per inch than any other part of your body. A quarter of a million sweat glands can produce a lot of sweat—about a cup per day on average. Shocking, right?

Although our feet sweat that much, we probably don't perceive a cup of moisture around our feet because most of it evaporates. That is unless you are wearing cotton socks, which hold a lot of moisture and can cause odor and blisters. Wearing the right socks and ensuring you have footwear that allows water vapor to evaporate will make a big difference in your day.

That's where we come in. In addition to a breathable GORE-TEX® liner, we designed all our footwear with an effective climate system for moving air around the boot. Each step creates a "pumping action," driving hot, wet air out of the boot through holes in the upper leather and allowing cooler, dry air to enter from above. A climate system paired with a liner that allows vapor to escape is a dynamic duo—kind of like HAIX® and GORE-TEX®.

Whether you are splashing through puddles or kicking up dust in the desert, HAIX® footwear with GORE-TEX® lining helps you beat the heat.

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