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The Many Uses of GORE-TEX Boots

Test the water, get your feet wet: Taking it slow when trying new things is so common as to be cliche.

Doing either, literally, in the wrong footwear, though, can really stink.

Smelly feet—known medically as bromodosis—is caused by moisture interacting with bacteria and other microorganisms naturally found on our skin. Potential problems don’t end there.

Wet feet can cause outbreaks of nail fungus, athlete’s foot and, in extreme cases, trench foot—a serious condition causing numbness, blisters, and painful cracks or ulcers to develop.

Waterproof yet breathable boots are your answer. HAIX® is a worldwide leader in the manufacture of functional and innovative footwear. Our high-tech products fulfill the highest requirements regarding function, quality, comfort and design.

What is GORE-TEX®?
GORE-TEX® is named for the Gore family at home in Newark, Delaware in the late-1950s, when Dad, Bill, discovered polytetrafluoroethylene (Teflon™). But it was son, Bob, a decade later, who changed the world by stretching his dad’s invention into a membrane that was both waterproof and breathable.

How does GORE-TEX® work? Each square inch of GORE-TEX® has 9 billion pores, which are about 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, making it absolutely waterproof. But these pores also are about 700 times larger than water vapor molecules, meaning sweat can escape to keep your feet dry from the inside out, too.

This second point is especially important when it comes to boots because feet are second only to armpits as the sweatiest parts of our bodies, averaging 125,000 sweat glands that produce about a half-pint of perspiration a day.

The Many Uses of GORE-TEX® Boots
If you’re a firefighter, police officer on active duty, forestry professional or an emergency response officer, GORE-TEX® work boots will help improve your daily mobility and comfort on the job. But there are many uses of GORE-TEX® boots, if you’re looking for incomparable levels of performance and style in other areas of your life.

On the Job:
Maintaining their condition no matter the activity, GORE-TEX® waterproof work boots are ideal for job applications that deal with rain, snow, mud and various other potential water hazards on a routine basis. They are the superior choice for the following industries:

  • Law enforcement
  • Military
  • Forestry
  • Fire
  • Rescue
  • Industrial

In addition, these wet-weather boots offer exceptionally cushioned heels and soles, to help maintain your feet’s comfort and stability on even the most unpredictable terrain.

Off the Job:
If you are into other off-the-job activities GORE-TEX® waterproof boots are a great choice for:

  • Hiking
  • Trekking
  • Mountaineering
  • Hunting
  • Motorcycling

Offering unmatched levels of grip, support, comfort and waterproofing technology, the boots are as comfortable being worn on a hot summer day, as they are in the dead of winter. Thanks to our built-in HAIX® Climate System, every pair of our boots remain temperature controlled and comfortable for long journeys ahead.

HAIX® boots are German engineered like no other boot in the world. Whatever your needs, HAIX® USA’s line of GORE-TEX® waterproof boots can supply you with the right footwear for numerous job and leisure activities—allowing you to stay focused on more important things.

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