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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Boot

Purpose-built footwear is essential for many work and recreational activities. HAIX North America offers high-quality law enforcement boots, fire fighter boots, logger work boots, safety toe work boots, and leather hiking boots, each designed with various features and advantages specific to their intended applications. If you are in the market for a new performance boot or shoe that will last, it is important to choose a model with the exact performance and comfort features you need. Since our founding in 1948, HAIX North America has offered an expansive selection of professional-grade footwear to a number of safety and service professionals. Still not sure which model is right for you? Consider the following tips to help you narrow down your search.

Determine Your Intended Use

From a distance, a lot of heavy-duty footwear and boots may appear similar. For example, you may see a heavy-duty tactical boot intended for law enforcement use, and improperly assume it is suitable for fighting fires. While the boot you choose may be incredibly tough and robust for its intended application, if you expose it to conditions it is not intended for – like fire – you could run the risk of risking your own safety, along with the performance integrity of the boot. If you go just off of looks, you are likely to by a pair of footwear that is over or under-equipped for your intended uses. HAIX specializes in carefully designing all of our boots and shoes to meet the exact demands of the specific professions we serve. With the ability to organize our footwear by feature and profession, you can pinpoint a number of options that will meet you needs.

Look for Application-Specific Features

Does your job as an EMS professional expose you to various bacterial, chemical, and pathogenic hazards? Consider a HAIX boot with CROSSTECH® liners. Looking for the ultimate in cut protection for forestry applications? Reach for a pair of HAIX forestry boots with European Class 1(20m/s) or 2 (24m/s) cut protection. In designing our various models, we strive to build a pair for nearly every service professional in our selected industries. These configurations are based on unique

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort!

No matter how many high-performance safety features you build into a boot, they have no use if the boot is not comfortable and supportive to wear throughout your day. HAIX boots offer a climate control system, supportive insoles, impressive arch support, and even a dual lacing system that allows for a greater range of motion when making a number of maneuvers. Supreme comfort, combined with performance and safety-based features make HAIX North America a top choice for purpose-built footwear.

Tested and trusted, HAIX North America is an easy choice when selecting your next pair of work-based boots and footwear. Interested in learning more about our selection? Call us today at 866-344-4249, or browse our impressive inventory today!


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