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HAIX Boot Care Kit

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Everything you need to keep your HAIX leather maintained in tip top shape and your HAIX boots... more
Product information "HAIX Boot Care Kit"
Color Clear
Product type Accessories

Everything you need to keep your HAIX leather maintained in tip top shape and your HAIX boots looking fresh all year long. The HAIX Leather Boot Care Kit comes in its own storage box and includes:

  • A cleaning brush to remove heavy soiling without damaging the leather. The narrow pointed end gets into all those small corners and crevices to really get the dirt out.
  • Both a black and clear HAIX silicone-based polish. HAIX polish moisturizes the leather and helps to diminish small scratches. Gives your boots new shine, helps to waterproof the leather, but still keep it breathable. Silicone based polish is the best choice for keeping your boot leather in tip top shape without affecting its breathability. Haix polish has a handy built in sponge applicator to evenly apply polish to leather.
  • A polishing cloth which can be used to either apply polish to those hard to reach places or used to buff boots to a shine. Machine washable.
  • A buffing brush with soft bristles to bring back the shine of the leather.
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