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Advantages of a 2-Zone Lacing System for Work Boots

Slipping around in your boots, developing blisters and banging into the toe box is unmistakably miserable for everyone. For military, logging and forestry personnel who regularly traverse up and down rugged terrain, it’s also downright dangerous.

HAIX® North America’s innovative 2-zone lacing system for work boots locks between the lower and upper boot sections—delivering ultimate surefooted comfort and control.

The system’s custom-fit engineering paired with our signature robust soles create a work boot unmatched on urban terrain, as well. Law enforcement, firefighters and postal carriers—anyone at risk of slips and falls on the job—benefit from the safety, support and performance offered by our work boots.

Before taking off or putting on your boots make sure the lace locks are open. To do this, loop your fingers around both sides of the lace that feeds into the locks from below. Pull both sides out and away in a quick motion. The locks will pop open.

With your boots on, adjust the lower laces to feel snug without being tight or constricting. Then loop your fingers around the lace above the locks and pull both sides toward the center. The locks will snap closed. Once the lace locks are engaged, tighten the upper section, tie off and you’re set to go.

When walking uphill, tighten the lower portion and loosen the upper portion. Snug lacing in the instep area prevents heel slippage, eliminating blisters and hot spots from forming. A looser lace in the upper portion allows more room for flex in the leg and takes pressure off your shins.

When walking downhill, tighten both the lower and upper boot areas to secure your step. This lacing system prevents your feet from slipping forward in your boots and banging into the toe boxes, propelling your upper body forward and destabilizing your step.

(Check out this video to see our 2-zone lacing system for work boots in action!)

HAIX North America is proud to craft a variety of work boots built for optimal performance and protection. Comfort, quality, support and safety are at the core of every boot we make. Features like bull-hide leather, robust inner and outer soles, and two-zone lacing give our boots comfort and longevity that is unmatched by other brands.

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