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Safety Month: HAIX Safety Features Offer Maximum Protection

The job is dangerous – your footwear should keep you safe. HAIX boots are designed with the toughest materials and innovative safety features to make sure you make it home each day.
HAIX boots feature a variety of safety features to ensure you stay protected

Slip resistance

  • Most models of HAIX boots have a slip resistant sole. Thanks to a distinctive tread design and a special rubber compound, you’ll stay on your feet in the slickest conditions. Also, HAIX soles won’t melt on hot pavement and won’t disintegrate from oil, fuels, and chemical exposures at accident scenes. Strong HAIX soles give you peace of mind no matter what you’re walking into.

Puncture resistant sole

  • The soles of some HAIX boots aren’t just slip resistant, they’re also puncture resistant. Puncture resistant boots, like the Airpower XR1 Pro and the Fire Eagle Air, are designed to protect your feet from hazards that could puncture through the sole of an ordinary shoe. There are two types of puncture resistant midsoles: one made of stainless steel and the other is a non-metallic puncture resistant midsole. Each puncture resistant HAIX shoe or boot keeps your feet safe from hazards and lets you walk with confidence.

Safety toe

  • Almost all HAIX shoes have either a composite or steel toe cap, which keeps your toes protected to the highest safety requirements. Shoes with a stainless-steel midsole have a steel toe, while boots with the metal free puncture resistant midsole have a composite toe. Along with the toe cap, some boots with safety toes have a protective cap made of rubber or TPU which provides additional protection against abrasion.
  • HAIX puts its safety toes to the test to ensure your feet are protected. At HAIX’s in-house testing laboratory, the toe cap undergoes a pressure test and an impact test. The toe caps on HAIX boots exceed the requirement for ASTM F2431 (United States) and CSA 195 (Canada) certified.
  • Also, comfort isn’t sacrificed for safety. Maximum space is available in the toe box.

Ankle protector

  • Your ankle area is delicate – HAIX boots keep it safe with built-in ankle protection and support. Boots with an ankle protector include Black Eagle Tactical 2.0 GTX High, Black Eagle Athletic 2.0 High Side Zip, Fire Eagle Air, and Fire Hero Xtreme.

Cut protection

  • For arborists and loggers, some HAIX boots, like the Protector Ultra, have added cut protection. Specifically designed to minimize your risk of being cut, these boots let you operate equipment, like chainsaws, with peace of mind.


  • HAIX features an array of boots with GORE-TEX waterproofing technology, including the Protector Ultra, the Scout 2.0, and the Black Eagle Safety 42.1 Low. Not only does GORE-TEX make these HAIX shoes cool and breathable, but also makes them waterproof as well. GORE-TEX will keep your feet safe, dry, and comfortable.


  • HAIX also has a line of CROSSTECH® boots. The CROSSTECH® technology in the inner lining keeps your boot waterproof and keeps you protected from potentially hazardous fluids like blood, body fluids and chemicals. Your feet stay dry, and you stay safe.

HAIX exceeds minimum safety standards
Minimum standards don’t meet the requirements of HAIX, so each model exceeds the standards as much as possible. Every model is tested at HAIX’s in-house testing labs in accordance with international cross section test requirements. HAIX is proud to have the most up to date test laboratories in the world, where our shoes undergo over one hundred material and quality assurance tests. In house testing means that HAIX is involved in every step of the production process to ensure the highest quality.

At the HAIX lab, a variety of safety features are tested, including flame resistance, water resistance, the strength of the toe cap, slip resistance, and whether the sole holds up in extreme temperatures. HAIX goes above the standard; we make sure our boots can withstand more than certifications require.

HAIX’s testing standards ensure that your boots keep you safe and are also extremely comfortable and high quality. 

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  • Thank you HAIX and Thank God.

    I actually knew directly from the box to my feet the moment of truth was about to be displayed, I'm the proud owner or the 2.0 side zip boots not only are the durable, safety conscious and well made. Haix have outstandingly outdone many other brand boots but I'm please with these babies right her. Thank you and the blessed staff that construct these boots
    Their my tools for my feet.

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