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Why GORE-TEX Boots are Highly Recommended

Inspired by fashion, performance, and support—boots are a staple in the wardrobe of men and women around the world. Due to their robust construction, many boots are designed to perform best in adverse conditions, such as mud, water, sand, snow, and ice. One of the most popular proprietary technologies utilized across many of the top-footwear brands is GORE-TEX® waterproofing. This technology has been tested and proven for many years, and can add immediate value to any boot.  HAIX® has over 70 years of experience developing some of the best work and recreation boots in the global market. Recognizing the value in GORE-TEX® technology, we build it into many of our products. Here are some of the key factors that make them so highly recommended.

Proven Performance

Founded in 1969, GORE-TEX® waterproofing technology has been developed for footwear and clothing of various types. Over their history, they have partnered with many of the top work gear and outdoor clothing companies to use GORE-TEX® waterproof liners in their products. As their popularity grew, so did the impressive performance of their products.

Concentrated Efforts

Because GORE-TEX® is primarily a technology, and not an apparel brand, they can focus much of their budget on product research and development. These efforts help continuously improve the performance of their technology, without making any sacrifices. While a dedicated outdoor brand may have the capabilities to develop their own waterproofing technology in-house, several other factors that go into operating their business can take precedence, and leave this technology development at the wayside. GORE-TEX®’s concentrated efforts help them continuously produce a product that is at peak-development and performance.

Beyond Just Waterproof

While we have been referring to GORE-TEX® as a waterproofing technology, these liners are truly weatherproof, offering both advanced protection from the wind, and ventilation for maintaining a comfortable internal environment. By having a permeated fabric that traps out water droplets and allows sweat to escape, these liners effectively keep your boot waterproof and ventilated every season of the year.

Dedicated to delivering the highest-performance work and recreation boots possible, HAIX North America offers many of our men and women’s boots with GORE-TEX technology. All of our boots are specially designed for high-performance, and are top-choices for firefighters, law enforcement, military, forestry workers, and other professionals. Interested in seeing how you might benefit from a pair of HAIX boots? Give us a call today at 1-800 344 4249, or visit our website to browse our impressive selection of GORE-TEX® work boots.


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